TSCA’s Big Impact on Small Business

Of all U.S. chemical manufacturers impacted by TSCA, 76 percent are small businesses from local communities. So, we set out to talk with them about the opportunity to reform our country’s outdated chemical regulations.

Shepherd Chemical Supports TSCA Reform

“As a company that helps our customers’ dreams come true through [chemistry], we depend on the innovations of our customers. If they are prohibited – if they are constrained – in their ability to innovate, then the opportunities don’t come our way.” – Tom Shepherd, CEO

Valentine Chemicals Supports TSCA Reform

“Many of us have sons and daughters who we want to see working in this business. Building up this community, even greater than what we’re doing now – how are we going to do that unless we have modern science and modern regulations?” – Hugh Caffery, President

Carus Corporation Supports TSCA Reform

“TSCA right now has allowed the states to start regulating products on an individual basis. The inconsistency of the state regulatory patchwork makes it very difficult for us to do business in the various states.” – Ed Stec, VP of Environmental Health Safety and Security

FutureFuel Corp. Supports TSCA Reform

“[Updating TSCA] would really allow our salespeople to go anywhere in the states and talk to customers about their needs and our ability to supply chemicals to meet those needs without worrying about local requirements. If there’s inaction, without question it will negatively impact growth.” – Sam Dortch, General Manager

Small Businesses Support TSCA Reform

“Small businesses from Cincinnati, Ohio, to Peru, Illinois depend on sensible chemical regulations. It’s time to reform TSCA so we can put better regulations to work for small businesses.”